If I could have called this blog anything, it would’ve been “Heroes & Games”. As it is, that’s the name of a game store in the Greater Columbus Convention Center so I want to avoid accidental brand confusion. Which is a shame, because it fits what I want to do so well.

I stopped doing a podcast all about the Commander format for Magic the Gathering because I was trying to talk about something that I wasn’t actively participating in anymore. Unfortunately, like most people, my interests are influenced by two things: my friends and my love of memes and media. Let’s assume personal tastes and aesthetics have some mix in there too, but for me it’s primarily those two.

Roughly the time I fell out of Magic the Gathering was when I’d reached the tail end of being a part of the community on tumblr. All jokes aside, I did have friends on there that I loved discussing headcanons and role playing with.

One of my friends loved doodling Amelia as much as I loved writing her Zeico

That wouldn’t have been enough, but my commander groups also fell through. So when it came to the podcast, I would try and muddle my way through with general knowledge and ideas. I was basically half-assing something that I’d wanted to turn into a supported hobby. Even the videos that I’d been working on, while enjoyable in their own right, weren’t nearly as entertaining as I’d wanted them to be. Though to be fair, those were pretty half-assed too.

The one thing I could talk about though, had always been anime. My co-hosts and I were always talking about it at one point or another. I even got emails asking for recommendations. I’ve since come to the understanding that my tastes are a little out there for an audience that might only be casually into anime. But I have always loved it.

Over the years, I’ve gotten into watching analysis videos. Videos by YouTubers like Digibro, Mother’s Basement, and the ever amazing Exclamation Point. This comes off the heels after I’d gotten a taste for watching people like the Doug Walker, Lewis Lovhaug, and the like. While literary analysis always bored me in high school, going into detail about the things I love and dissecting it bit by bit fascinated me. It’s incredible how much can be fleshed out from a single character or episode if you really dig in and look at something from all angles.

Image result for the asterisk war sucks
Part 1 of 13 to be exact.

I’m not so great with editing, I’ll freely admit. Not only do I lack the time, energy, or motivation, but I really don’t do so well with spoken medium. It’s an odd thing to say after doing a podcast for years, but we’ll just say that my voice is almost my own worst enemy (Tuesdays still take the cake on that slot, hands down). What I can do, though, is write.

I’ve been trying to write my own novel series for the better part of six years now. I have notebooks, reference folders, and a myriad of start up attempts that I hated after three pages. When it comes to prose, I do a terrible job trying to direct my characters and visualizing what the hell it is that they want. It takes for-fucking-ever.

But when it comes analysis, I’m actually able to start cranking something out faster than the printer can apply toner. Just latch onto an idea, and then build an essay around that. It’s fantastic. Any of my friend can attest that there are times where I will launch into an entire facebook monologue on exactly why Iowa is my waifu, or why I identify with Nico Yazawa so much. I’ve basically been writing these articles for the better part of over a year.

The only difference between that and what I plan to do regularly for this blog is that my friends can ignore what goes on here and anyone who’s actually interested in this kind of stuff can check in at their leisure. I just want to start writing seriously, but to do that you have to actually put stuff out there, regardless of whether I, as the author, am satisfied with its polish or not.

But why limit it to just analysing anime? This is a personal blog, right? I’m into more than just anime. Card games are still a big part of my life, just not necessarily Magic the Gathering. I’ve gotten into Bushiroad games like Vanguard and BuddyFight. Hell, ever since I started dating my boyfriend, I’ve gotten into Kantai.

Admittedly, I got into it more for her than for him

Overwatch, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, etc. I’m into so many different things I could write about or reflect on. Why restrict myself to just a couple of things? If passion is the force behind creativity, then I want to let whatever my passion of the moment is steer my sail.

As it is, it’s time to kick things off. I’ll be copy/pasting this intro article into the “About Me” part of the blog for future readers. Until then, I’ll have to come up with a sign off for these articles. Otherwise, these things are going to need a closing that acts as a period in and onto itself.